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By | October 12, 2019

URL Encoding Tool

URL Encoder

Enter the unencoded URL :

URL Encoded :


How to Use Online URL Encoder:

If you want to use this simple online URL encoder then this is a very simple process. You, just have to enter a URL or web address that you want to encode in the above text box. Just click convert then it will automatically convert.

Steps for Encoding URL:

  • Get a URL to encode.
  • Paste that URL in the above text box.

Online URL Encoder

  • Click on the convert button.

Encode URL online

  • Done.

What is URL Encoding?

URL encoding is a way of converting a URL into a format that all browser accept. mean’s suppose URL has a special symbol or characters outside of ASCII set like “space”, “/”, “:” etc. Then using URL encoding these symbols are converted to it’s valid ASCII format then it will send over the network so all browsers can accept this URL and open it.

let me give you an example if you encode “” this URL, it will give you a result like “”.

In the above example all special character is converted to it’s valid ASCII code or we can say valid UTF format.

If you want to learn more about URL Encoding Function then is a best and easiest resource available on internet.

How Much Time does URL Encoder tool takes:

Our tools is very fast and it takes almost no time for encoding URL. If you want to use this tool then you can try. I bet you love this URL encoder tool. If you want to build a tool like this then comment below or contact us and we will give you a solution or a method for building tools like this.

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