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By | October 10, 2019

HTML to Text Converter

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How HTML to Text Converter Works:

If you have HTML code and you want to convert that HTML code in plain text then you are at right place. My simple HTML to text converter works in a very easy and simple manner means you only have to paste your HTML data in a text box above and then click on convert.

We here at are working hard to develop tools that are very simple to use. Recently we build a simple online word counter tool for common users because many peoples are not geeks like you.


  • Get your HTML content and Paste in Text Box above.

Online Html to text converter

  • Click Convert Button.
  • Then you will get an output in text format like shown in below Image.

HTML Converter Tool

Why use HTML Converter :

Suppose you have HTML code and you only want text information from that HTML code then what should you do? let me guess you copy/separate text information from that HTML data then this is a very lengthy process. Not all users do this process without an error except you are a pro geek or you have most of the time in this word.

At this moment when you are stuck then we come do all of your work in one click. You just have to paste your HTML code and click Convert done. Your Html code is successfully converted to plain text.

You can test it out by coping Html code from and paste that code here.

If you have any questions regarding this tool then you can contact us or comment below for any suggestion or anything else.

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