Airtel Balance Check Numbers for Prepaid & Working 4G USSD Codes.

By | September 27, 2019

Hey guys, we all know that Airtel is one of the biggest and popular telecom network in India. Even though Jio is most popular and it has over 300 million users based. Airtel also has over 200 million users based and it is the second biggest and popular network in India. Jio only provides 4G services and it works only on VoIP technology but unlike Jio Airtel provides  2G, 3G and 4G services so it has many types of customers like smartphone users, regular 2G,3G, types of users. Many users are don’t know the method of checking Airtel balance. In this article, I’m going to tell you working Airtel USSD codes and Airtel balance check numbers for Prepaid.

How to check Airtel balance

Airtel has launch LTE 900 technology for better network coverage, this is the best plan against Jio. Basically this technology is used for giving the better signal quality for its smartphone users. Yes, it is also applicable for regular users. Right now this technology is available in some cities in India like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Banglore, Delhi. In many ways, Airtel is ahead of its competitors like airtel provides it’s own banking system for its users.

But I saw that many peoples are confused or they don’t know how to check airtel balance so If you are looking for these this kind of information then you are at right place.

Working Airtel Balance Check numbers for Prepaid:

  • Check Airtel Balance using *121#:

This is a very simple and easy process to follow. You just have to dial *121# on your phone and it will give you popup message. In that message, you have to type 2 or select balance option that’s it. After that, it will give you your remaining main balance, your remaining 2G/3G/4G data balance and your full account information.

Airtel Balance Check Numbers for Prepaid Airtel Balance Check Numbers for Prepaid

Airtel Balance Check Numbers for Prepaid

  • Airtel balance check numbers for prepaid [ main balance ]:

If you want to check Airtel main balance then the best USSD code for you is *121*2#. yes you can check your main balance directly using above USSD code. You, just have to dial *121*2# on your phone then you get a popup message from Airtel in that message you will see your main balance. If this code is not working for use you can also use *123#

Check Airtel Balance.

  • Airtel balance check using Airtel Thanks App :

Yes like we use Myjio App for Jio balance check we can also use Airtel Thanks App for checking our Airtel balance, data balance, Account information and validity. So if you want to check the balance using Airtel Thanks App then you just have to Install App. After that open it and on the homepage, you see your daily remaining data balance, your active plan, your plan validity and your calling balance. you can also use Airtelthanks App in many ways but we will discuss it in another post.

Check balance on App

Check Balance on App

Frequently Ask Questions ( FAQ ) :

  • What is the balance number of Airtel?

If you want to check your data balance you can use *121# and for the main balance or other balance use *121*2# or *123#. If you want to use another smart way for checking airtel balance then you should use its Thanks App. I have already given a detail explanation of these methods at the starting of this article.

  • How can I check my Airtel No?

Yes, you can check your Airtel sim no in many ways so let me explain some of these.

  • Dial *121*2# then you will get popup message with your Sim No and account information.
  • You can use Airtel App for the detail information of your account and it will also give you sim no.

using the above methods for checking your no.

  • How can I check my Airtel free call balance?

If you want to check only your call balance then you have to dial *123#. If you have a smartphone then you can also consider installing Airtel Thanks App. you can also use this for checking your airtel Talktime balance.


Airtel balance check numbers and USSD codes:

  1. *121# for Best offers and Balance/Account Information.
  2.  *123# for main balance information.
  3. 121 airtel customer care.
  4. 191 airtel complaint number.
  5. 12131 for best offers.
  6. *141# or 52141 for the Airtel Talktime and Internet loan.
  7. *121*1# Airtel unlimited calling pack or data pack.


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